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The Missing Piece
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Benjamin Franklin's The Art of Virtue

Franklin's Philosophy of Life
in His Own Words

312 Pages
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What is The Missing Piece in Education?



Video Tours of The Seven C's of Thinking Clearly



I'm George Rogers. I invite you to view the video tours of The Seven C's of Thinking George RogersClearly. In the first video we take a look at why these lessons were created and the guiding philosophy behind them.

In the second video is a tour of the print editions of the books. In it we take a look at the grades 2-6 book in particular and see how both books are structured in terms of lesson focus along with seeing how some of the teaching strategies play out in specific moral lessons.

The third video is a presentation on the eBook editions featuring grades 5-9. Here you can see the great advantages modern technology offers in terms of lesson selection and presenting lesson plans on character traits.

To View any video, just click on the icon in the left column or the links in the right column.

Guiding Philosophy Tour
Video Tour, Background and Guiding Philosophy behind The Seven C's of Thinking Clearly.
The Seven C's of Thinking Clearly, Print Edition
Video Tour of The Seven C's of Thinking Clearly, Grades 2-6
eBook Edition of The Seven C's of Thinking Clearly

Video Tour, eBook Edition of The Seven C's of Thinking Clearly, Grades 5-9



In this video course you will learn how to help young people:

  • Recognize when a choice may be life altering
  • 4 Simple Questions to Ask When Faced With Life Altering Choices
  • The Most Empowering Thing in the World
  • The Most Important Lesson any Child Can Learn

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The Seven C's of Thinkig Clearly
Print and eBook Combination



Open QuoteThe imaginative activities and examples make the teaching fun and that's when teachers and students get excited.Close Quote
                                                Media Specialist
                                                Eden Prairie, MN

Open Quote. . .by far the most creative social skills program I have ever reviewed. Close Quote
                                                School Social Worker
                                                Terre Haute, IN

Open QuoteExtremely appropriate for my students. Skills they are lacking and need desparately. They stayed involved and were able to participate.Close Quote
                                                Elementary Teacher
                                                Lindon, UT

Open QuoteThe students were very attentive. They enjoyed the subject matter and were able to bring their own experiences into the discussion and relate to it.Close Quote
                                                Elementary Teacher
                                                Highland, UT


Open QuoteI really liked them.Close Quote
Open QuoteI think it was important.Close Quote
Open QuoteI liked it. I liked it. I liked it. Close Quote
                                                3rd Grade Students
                                                Eden Prairie, MN

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