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What On Earth is EPT?

EPT is a clandestine organization engaged in an insidious plot to overthrow civilization by flooding the world with error-prone thinking. They have had great success, so much so that in some parts of the world such notions as civility and respect for human life and property barely exist. I cannot overstate the risk you are facing. They will do anything they can to confuse your thinking. If they succeed, you will have great difficulty in making sound choices. Their goal is to ruin the lives of as many people as they can. So, who are we up against? The E’s and P’s of EPT are are led by the diabolical twin sisters, Erroneous and Emotious.

Erroneous Erroneous is a master psychologist. She and the agents who work with her are highly skilled in the art of illusion. They want you to focus on the appearance and not the substance of things. They have the ability to change the appearance of almost anything. They can make you believe up is down, forward is back, and in is out. It’s all in the mind you see, and if they can manipulate your thinking, they can get you to believe anything they want. Erroneous is aided by two well placed, highly skilled agents who are solidly entrenched in our intelligence system. In fact, they are so well established we hardly recognize their existence. We only know them by their code names, Prevaricator and Perverter.
  Prevaricator Prevaricator is a master of deceit. His specialty is lying. Blatant lies, subtle lies, big lies, little lies. He has succeeded in making lying a common practice in our culture. From high government officials, to business leaders, to superstars, to out right crooks, to small children on the play ground, Prevaricator has persuaded many that deceit is the best way to get what they want or feel they need.
  Perverter Perverter is a genius at blowing things out of proportion so people lose perspective. He is what is known as a Befogger. He functions by blowing smoke in people’s eyes so they can't see clearly. Things look differently to them than they really are. For example, if he blows:
    Puff BeLarge Puff Belarge, you are enveloped in a cloud of smoke that makes things appear to be of greater value or importance, more urgent or serious of than they really are. When under the spell of Puff Belarge, you must have it, get it, do it now; whatever the cost in time, money, energy, talent, relationships, health, future well-being or whatever medium of exchange nature requires.
    Puff BeLittle Puff Belittle, blows Perverter, and you are encased in a cloud of smoke that minimizes and belittles the value or importance of things in your mind. When under the influence of this befogger, you no longer recognize the true value or importance of things. It causes you to undervalue such things as cleaning your rooms, doing your home work, obeying rules, being honest, treating others kindly, etc. It causes you to minimize the seriousness and ignore the consequences.
    Puff BeNamed Puff BeBlamed Puff Benamed Puff Beblamed befoggs you into thinking that a word or a phrase is capable of describing a whole class of people or ideas. The belief is, if you know the label you understand the person or idea. Many people fall for this myth because its easy. It requires little thought and instantly makes one an expert. Besides, when people can be named, they can be blamed for whatever the people who named them want to blame them. That’s the neat trick of this befogger.
    Puff PreJudge Puff Prejudge is another befogger that severely cripples the thinking of many people. The Puff Prejudge befogger convinces people that they know the worth of a person or idea without ever really knowing the person or understanding the idea. Moreover, based on these judgments, they are entitled to discriminate against and even persecute those people they judge to be of lesser worth than themselves or who hold ideas contrary to their own. This befogger enables people to justify such acts as slavery and the holocaust of WWII.
Emotious Emotious is expert in manipulating your emotions. Encouraging feelings of hate, anger, revenge, jealousy, fear, hopelessness, despair, greed, lust, and pride are some of her more common tactics. Such feelings, when strong enough, can block out all ability to think clearly. She works in close harmony with Erroneous, and together they can completely eliminate a person’s ability to think and act responsibly. Emotious has three able and highly dangerous agents who work closely with her, Possessit, Passionata, and Polarizer.
  Possessit Possessit is perhaps the most dangerous EPT agent of all.. He usually the first to infiltrate a person. He infects people with a desire to possess things. The more the better. If it is more than others, even better. Possession becomes a symbol of status and superiority over others. The desire to possess something can become so great an obsession that people will do or say anything to get what they want, no matter how potentially dangerous it is to themselves or to others.
  Passionata Passionata is also known as the inflamer. Passionata takes natural desires and turns them into burning passions. Anger becomes rage. Attraction becomes lust. Appetite becomes greed. Dislike becomes hate. Discouragement becomes despair. Fear becomes cowardice. Normal feelings become uncontrollable emotions under whose influence disastrous deeds are done.
  Polarizer Polarizer divides people into two opposite camps. Under his influence, ideas are divided into two opposite views and choices are limited to two polar options. Polarizer is extremely effective in stirring up conflict and contention between individuals, families, communities, ethnic groups, and nations. When he and Passionata work together, no one is safe.


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