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The Stink'n Think'n Gang Posters

Who is The Stink'n Think'n Gang?

The Stink'n Think'n Gang is a band of thieves out to rob us of common sense and good judgment. They short curcuit a person's emotional intelligence and shut down the thinking rightly character trait. The purpose of this bulletin is to warn you of their activity in your neighborhoods and to put you on the alert so you can know what to do when you encounter them. The members of the Stink'n Think'n Gang you need to be on the look out for are:

Iwannit Now Iwannit Now – is the leader of the Stink’n Think’n Gang, and very well its most dangerous member. He tries to get you to make bad choices by influencing your wants. If he can get you to want things that are not good for you and not want things that are good, he can rob you of your ability to think clearly. Once Iwannit Now gets a good hold on you—Biggs Bigger, Li Fib and other members of the gang can pretty much get you to do most anything, no matter how foolish or hurtful it may be.
Biggs Bigger Biggs Bigger – Is like the mirror in the fun house that makes you look bigger than you really are. Biggs Bigger works closely with Iwannit Now. His job is to make you think things are more important, more valuable, more attractive, more desirable, more necessary, more urgent, and even more frightening than they really are. He tries to get you to blow things so far out of proportion you can no longer properly judge their true value or worth. In doing so he robs you of your ability to make good choices.
Eency Weency Tiny Too Eency Wency Tiny Too – Tries to make you think things are less important than they really are. He’s like the fun house mirror that makes you look really small. He will try to make you think things are less less necessary, less desirable, less valuable, less urgent, less serious than they really are. He and Biggs Bigger work closely together. While Biggs tries to get you exaggerate the importance of one thing, Eency Weency tries to convince you something else is less important to you than it really is. For example, a thief thinks that what he wants is more important than what other people want. A drug user thinks pleasure is more important than health. Iwannit Now, Biggs Bigger and Eency Weency Tiny Too are all involved in these kinds of thinking.
Li Fib Li Fib – Tries to make you believe things that aren’t true. She will try to get you to lie to others and others to lie to you so neither of you know what to believe or do. She’s at her best when she gets you to lie to yourself. She is most successful when she can get you to justify doing things you know are wrong or to believe things that will hurt you.
Nameit Blameit Nameit Blameit – Tries to make you think something is better or worse than it really is by how it is named. Nameit Blameit will try to get you to put labels on people or ideas and make you believe that if you know the name, you know the person or understand the idea. He uses names to make friends seem like enemies and enemies seem like friends. If you let him, he will make it nearly impossible for you to think clearly.
Judge B. Fore Judge B. Fore – Works closely with Nameit Blameit. He tries to get you to judge the worth of things before you know much about them. He will encourage you to form strong opinions with little or no information. His goal is to convince you that you are qualified to judge the value of a person or thing without making any real effort to know much about them.
Stink'n Think'n Gang Poster


The Stink'n Think'n Gang
A full color 12" X 18" printed poster depticitng the Stink'n Think'n Gang, a band of thieves out to rob people of common sense and good judgment. For use with The Seven C's of Thinking Clearly, Grades 2-6. $3.95


pdf versions of this poster along with the 8 1/2 x 11 individual posters depicted above are included in the ebook editions of the Seven C's of Thinking Clearly

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