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The Missing Piece
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Character Based Learning
Certification Program

EveryGood Choice is Tied to a Good Idea

  • If you are concerned about the choices children are now making
  • If you are concerned about the choices they may make in the future

Consider This: If ideas are the most powerful things in the world, the most empowering thing in the world is to be able to distinguish a good idea from a bad idea. The Missing Piece in Education is our failure to provide our young with the tools necessary for making this distinction. The remedy is Character Based Learning.

Character Based Learning Certification

"I was very pleased with the Choiceskills training that I received and I work as a school counselor and school psychologist. Both of the Rogers’ (father and son) are very knowledgeable, upbeat, and helpful. They share their personal experiences about teaching positive messages to youth all around the world and they take the time to get to know each person taking their course. I felt honored to have been a part of their training. They shared so much valuable information that I know I will be referring back to for the rest of my career. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who works with children or just wants to lead a more positive lifestyle."
Natelvi P. Archuleta

"This Character Based Learning program truly is the missing piece in education.  Our public education system currently teaches the what and how, but until we give our youth the why they will never fully realize their true potential in life. Character Based Learning teaches the why in a way that is accessible to children of all ages and can be applied in just about every aspect of their learning and development. Thank you for giving me these tools.  The classes were wonderful and the group experience was too. After just 6 weeks I truly feel like I have everything I need to implement this program and I can't wait to start using it!"
Destiny LeSueur

"I love your program! I was excited to start it with the boys (age 11, 7 & 4). The first day I introduced them to the Stink’n Think’n Gang. I was stunned at how quickly and how much enthusiasm they absorbed the information. After going over it once, even the 4 year old could point out all the characters & tell me what they were. The boys talked about them all day, coming up with their own examples of being influenced. It immediately became incorporated into our lives. It’s mentioned every day multiple times. They are recognizing it in themselves & stories we read. The picky eater has even tried a lot of new things so he won’t be listening to “Judge Before.” I’ve been going through the other lessons as well, once a day. They love the stories & figuring out the questions, & they love the demos some of them include. I really love how I can use this with our existing curriculum, books, life and scripture study. I will forever be grateful for this program!"
Michele Baird

To provide Parents and Teachers with tools, resources and training to better prepare the young people they teach to succeed in the rapidly changing and increasingly complex world they are required to live.

By the end of this experience, each participant should feel confident they can take any need their students have and create powerful, effective, memorable lessons to meet that need in the context of things they are already required to teach!

Character Based Learning (CBL) Certification Level 1 is a six week program consisting of a combination of online instruction, weekly teleconference calls with the course leader and other participants and personal coaching calls with a member of our staff plus lifetime access to our online Character Based Learning Library containing nearly 300 character based lessons for teachers of youth.

Time Commitment
2-4 hrs per week for 6 weeks

Our next program begins October 8, 2013

The price for the CBL certification program is $297. A generous donor has offered a 2 for 1 matching grant. For every participant who pays $97 the donor will pay $200. To take advantage of this offer enter the customer code of cblc2 when ordering.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not entirely satisfied with your experience and the resources you receive, notify us by November 8, 2013 and we will cheerfully refund your $97.

". . . .as the happiness or real good of man lies in right action and right action cannot be had without right opinion, it behooves us above all things in this world to take care that our opinions of things be according to the nature of things. The foundation of all virtue and happiness is thinking rightly." Benjamin Franklin



In this video course you will learn how to help young people:

  • Recognize when a choice may be life altering
  • 4 Simple Questions to Ask When Faced With Life Altering Choices
  • The Most Empowering Thing in the World
  • The Most Important Lesson any Child Can Learn

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The Seven C's of Thinkig Clearly
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Open QuoteThe imaginative activities and examples make the teaching fun and that's when teachers and students get excited.Close Quote
                                                Media Specialist
                                                Eden Prairie, MN

Open Quote. . .by far the most creative social skills program I have ever reviewed. Close Quote
                                                School Social Worker
                                                Terre Haute, IN

Open QuoteExtremely appropriate for my students. Skills they are lacking and need desparately. They stayed involved and were able to participate.Close Quote
                                                Elementary Teacher
                                                Lindon, UT

Open QuoteThe students were very attentive. They enjoyed the subject matter and were able to bring their own experiences into the discussion and relate to it.Close Quote
                                                Elementary Teacher
                                                Highland, UT


Open QuoteI really liked them.Close Quote
Open QuoteI think it was important.Close Quote
Open QuoteI liked it. I liked it. I liked it. Close Quote
                                                3rd Grade Students
                                                Eden Prairie, MN

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