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You're Not Teaching Social Skills Lessons for The Fun of It

But That Doesn't Mean it Can't Be Fun

Behavior problems are never fun to deal with. Apart from being unpleasant, they are often disruptive to your class, time consuming to deal with and sometimes hurtful to one or more of the individuals involved. The more serious the problem, the more unpleasant, disruptive and time consuming it is. But, as with so many aspects of life, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

The fact is teaching young people the skills necessary for positive social interaction can be fun and rewarding as well as helpful in improving the performance of your students, both behaviorally and academically.

Introducing The Seven C's of Thinking Clearly

 "In reviewing The Seven C's of Thinking Clearly, I felt it added a dimension to teaching social skills that I had yet to find. One of the strengths was how it combined language-based skills into the social skills lessons.
        Another strength was the creative activities which are a part of every social skill presented. It is, by far, the most creative social skills program I have ever reviewed.
        A third strength is the number of activities from which one can choose. The most frequently used social skills programs are those that don't demand much advanced preparation for those using it."
                            Sandy Sanders
                            Covered Bridge School District

What Teachers Are Saying

“The imaginative activities and examples make the teaching fun and that’s when teachers and students get excited.”
                                                      T. Helmstetter,
                                                      Media Generalist,
                                                      Forest Hills Elementary

The books are very “teacher friendly.” The stories can easily be integrated into an existing curriculum, adding a broader perspective and teaching of life skills while teaching what is required in state core. The other thing I like about these books is that they can be used for any subject area and are a great resource for ESL and special needs classrooms.
                                                      Chris Campbell Gremler
                                                      Coordinator, Community of Caring
                                                      Granite School District

The lessons raise children's awareness of their thinking and they empower children to change their own thinking and question the thinking and behavior of others. . . .lessons are simple to prepare and are fun for the children.
                                                      Wendy Liguori
                                                      8:1:1 Social Worker
                                                      Beecher & Riverside Elementary


These lessons are fun because they involve doing things kids like to do, but they are not cotton candy. These are serious lessons relevant to experiences your students have on a daily basis and which touch their lives in very personal ways. They are designed to help students:

Triangle Bullet

By helping young people focus on developing their emotional, social and thinking skills, several important things happen to improve their behavior. Visit our web page describing the specific emotional and social skills we are talking about.
  • It allows teachers and students to objectively examine together the thought processes that lead to self-defeating social skills in fun and non-threatening ways
  • It helps students to understand the connection between attitudes, behaviors and consequences
  • It enables students to recognize the relevance of what they are learning, and
  • It encourages students to take greater ownership of their choices and actions
  • All of which are essential ingredients for positive social interactions.

Triangle Bullet

Every lesson in The Seven C's of Thinking Clearly provides students opportunities to develop character traits such as personal responsibility, self-respect, respect for others and trustworthiness—all essential to overcoming social skills deficits.

Triangle Bullet

The Seven C's of Thinking Clearly employs several important comprehension and retention strategies designed to help students understand why certain attitudes and behaviors are more beneficial and productive than others.
  • A rich literature base of high interest stories enables students to understand the inescapable link between attitudes, behaviors, and consequences.
  • The mental imagery of "The Stinkn' Thinking Gang", "EPT", and "The CT Team" characters is especially helpful to students in learning to overcome negative and counterproductive thinking.
  • A wide range of fun, "Is-Like" learning activities enable students translate familiar everyday experiences into an understanding of abstract concepts, which in turn, helps them to better distinguish appropriate behaviors for given situations.
  • The use of Hindsight, Insight, Foresight questions along with other cooperative learning strategies require active student involvement in the learning process.
  • The activities and stories are relevant to experiences your students are having on a daily basis.

Essential Lifeskills
These short, easy to prepare lessons are curriculum friendly and fun to present.In addition to teaching skills important to daily life, each lesson meets core curriculum standards making them easy to integrate into your daily schedule.

Put these all together and you have multiple opportunities every day for teaching your students lifekills they need to safely navigate the troubled waters of a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world. To learn more about these essential skills visit our web page that identifies specifically which lifeskills we are talking about.

"I felt like I was teaching something very valuable to my students."                                                        J. Bewick, Northridge Elementary

"Students really relaxed and had fun. Some commented on how good the stories were."
                                                       L. Stevens, Northwest Intermediate

"Extremely appropriate for my students. Skills they are lacking and need desperately. They stayed involved and were able to participate"
                                                       J. Stuy, Lindon Elementary

"The students were very attentive. They enjoyed the subject matter and were able to bring their own experiences into the discussion and relate to it."
                                                       R. Tiffany, Highland Elementary

"My students surprised me with their depth of feeling and comments."
                                                     D. Ricks, Franklin Elementary

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Seven C's of Thinking Clearly grades 2-6Seven C's of Thinking Clearliy grades 5-9
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Open QuoteThe imaginative activities and examples make the teaching fun and that's when teachers and students get excited.Close Quote
                    Media Specialist
                    Eden Prairie, MN

Open Quote. . .by far the most creative social skills program I have ever reviewed. Close Quote
                    School Social Worker
                    Terre Haute, IN

Open QuoteExtremely appropriate for my students. Skills they are lacking and need desparately. They stayed involved and were able to participate.Close Quote
                      Elementary Teacher
                      Lindon, UT

Open QuoteThe students were very attentive. They enjoyed the subject matter and were able to bring their own experiences into the discussion and relate to it.Close Quote
                       Elementary Teacher
                       Highland, UT


Open QuoteI really liked them.Close Quote
Open QuoteI think it was important.Close Quote
Open QuoteI liked it. I liked it. I liked it. Close Quote
                       3rd Grade Students
                       Eden Prairie, MN

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