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The Missing Piece
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Benjamin Franklin's The Art of Virtue

Franklin's Philosophy of Life
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Lifeskills and Character Traits
Necessary for Thinking Rightly

What Are They?

The Ability to Think Rightly
The ability to think rightly, is a the most important of all life's skills. But that doesn't help us much. It is not a quality that comes naturally to most of us. Moreover the ability to think rightly is a composite skill, one which is made up of several component skills we can clearly identify and consciously develop. Essentially these lifeskills can be categorized into three categories: emotional skills, social skills and thinking skills. Taken together they constitute the missing piece in education.

Under the inspiration of Benjamin Franklin, I have identified 7 thinking skills, 4 essential emotional skills and 3 essential social skills that are necessary for developing the emotional, social and thinking skills young people need to not only survive, but also thrive in the turbulent they now face. Together they comprise the character traits that give one the ability to think rightly.

7 Thinking Skills
There are seven thinking skills that lie at the root of the thinking rightly character trait. They are criticism, creativity, curiosity, communication, concentration, control and correction.

Each of these lifeskills has an important role in protecting us from the dangers of faulty thinking. None of them are adequate alone.

You will note that none of these skills are are purely cognitive processes. First of all, reason is seldom separated from emotion. That is one of the reasons reason is not always an adequate guide to making sound choices. (See Benjamin Franklin's fish story) And reason alone is never adequate in protecting us from the likes of STG, a band of thieves out to rob us of common sense and good judgment or EPT a clandestine organization dedicated to the over throw of civilization by flooding the world with error prone thinking.

That's why these thinking skills must be combined with well developed emotional and social skills.

4 Essential Emotional Skills
Four emotional skills are essential to personal happiness and well being. The earlier in life you can teach them to your children the better prepared they be for the choices they must make. These skills are Personal Responsibility, Self Respect, Respect for Others and Trustworthiness. Also thought of as virtues, you will note that the key element in all of these virtues is an emotional commitment to developing and demonstrating them in one's daily life.

In environments of commotion, confusion and contradiction it takes a great deal of emotional intelligence and skill to recognize our desires for what they are. It is not always easy to clearly distinguish between desires which are helpful from those which are not. And without the will to choose and act in a manner consistent with our true self-interest even that ability will be of little help.

Will is nothing if not an emotional commitment. And emotional intelligence or skill is critical to assuring that our emotional commitments are consistent with our happiness and well being in nature of things.

3 Essential Social Skills
Would it be too much of a stretch of the imagination to suggest that the three essential social skills consist of 3 core beliefs, which if closely held will virtually assure that a person will find social acceptance among all right thinking people.

The core beliefs or essential social skills are:
1. There is a living, loving God who hears and answers prayers.
2. The greatest service of God is dong good to man.
3. The golden rule is the gold standard in human relations.

Click here to learn more about these 3 Essential Social Skills or core beliefs.

Click here to learn how these essential character traits work together to form

"If Ideas are the most powerful things in the world, then the most empowering thing in the world is to be able to distinguish a good Idea from a bad idea."


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