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The Missing Piece
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Benjamin Franklin's The Art of Virtue

Franklin's Philosophy of Life
in His Own Words

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What is The Cardinal Character Trait?

And Why is it Essential to Your Child's
Happiness and Well-Being?

car.di.nal adj. <L. cardinalis, that on which something turns, of main importance, principal; chief.> n. 5. a distinctive trait, quality, or attribute, characteristic 6. essential quality; nature;; kind or sort 7. a pattern of behavior or personality found in an individual or group; moral constitution 8. moral strength; self-discipline; fortitude etc.

The Homeschooler Advantage
As a homeschooler your children can have a significant advantage over children taught in public schools. Every day, you have multiple opportunities to help your children develop the cardinal character trait. This is the missing piece in education. Benjamin Franklin described it as the foundation of all virtue and happiness. He expressed it this way:

". . . .as the happiness and well-being of all men consists in right action, and right action cannot be produced without right opinion, it behooves us above all things in this world to take that our opinions of thing be according to the nature of things. The foundation of all happiness and well-being is thinking rightly."

So what is the cardinal character trait?
It's The ability to think rightly!

How important is the ability to think rightly? How dependent is good judgment on thinking rightly? Without it what is the basis for making choices that can reliably produce happiness and well-being? How can one ever hope to understand the nature of things without cultivating the ability to think rightly?

For example what is the nature of opinions? Well, for one thing most of us are very fond of our opinions and think we are right in them. Unfortunately, not all, if any, of our most coveted opinions are in accordance with the nature of things. As a result those that are not consistent with the nature of things subject us to making choices that are unsound and lead us to do things that are not always in our best interest.

Multiple Character Traits
But, as you might guess,the cardinal character trait, or the ability to think rightly, is a composite of several character traits or what what may be called elemental character traits.

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"If Ideas are the most powerful things in the world, then the most empowering thing in the world is to be able to distinguish a good Idea from a bad idea."





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