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The Theory of Multiple Intelligences

What Every Homeschooler Needs to Know!

In his book titled "Frames of Mind" published in 1983, Howard Gardner effectively established the fact that performance standardized tests that measure IQ, while effective in predicting student success in school are inadequate to explain variations in student success beyond the school room. Nor are they adequate in explaining why many students fail in school.

Based on his experience in working with children and brain damaged adults as a developmental psychologist and Harvard Professor, Gardner was convinced that individuals possessed more than one way of learning. The contrive model used in education did nor fully explain how individuals could perform activities such as art, music and athletics seemingly without involving the contrive process at all.

With help from his research team they identified seven forms, or spectrums of intelligence that met specific standards they established that seemed to them to be reasonably identifiable as an intelligence. Hence the term multiple intelligences.

In many ways it might be as useful to think of these intelligences as aptitudes or talents instead. Gardner framed his work around the word intelligences to counter influential theories that scientific thinking is the ideal of human thought and the highest manifestation of intelligence.

Perhaps this view of intelligence is even more important today as the goal of public education seems to be more and more focused on producing engineers and scientists who supposedly will allow us to compete more effectively in the global economy, which at present seems to be dominated by technology.

However, even Gardner's theory doesn't address how to supply the missing piece in education, helping young people develop the emotional, social and thinking skills necessary to not only survive, but also thrive in a rapidly changing and increasingly dangerous world. To better understand what you as a homeschooler needs to know about the missing piece in education visit our homeschooler web page. I invite you to view our 5 part series on intelligence in our ChoiceSkills TV program to understand the significance of the theory of multiple intelligences in homeschooling.

I also invite you to join in the conversation on how we can help our children develop these essential skills by entering your name and email address in the box to the right of this page. Upon doing so you will immediately begin receiving seven of the most important lessons any child can ever learn. you will also let me know of your interest to join the conversation.

To learn more about the seven intelligences proposed by Howard Gardner, continue reading below this video.

The Seven Multiple Intelligences proposed by Gardner are:

Linguistic Intelligence
Linguistic intelligence relates to one's ability to use words to effectively communicate with others.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
As the name implies,logical-mathematical intelligence relates to one's logical reasoning, mathematical and scientific abilities.

Spatial Intelligence
Spatial intelligence is the ability mental models of the spatial world around them. Sailors us it in navigation, surgeons use in knowing where to cut, and artists use it to create works of art.

Musical Intelligence
If Michael Jackson possessed musical intelligence, Leonard Bernstein had more and Mozart even more. Such is the idea of musical intelligence. The symbols of communication in music are such that even Beethoven who was deaf, was able to communicate what was in his head to others. Aren't we grateful!

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence
Michael Jordan exhibited a high level of bodily-kiesthetic intelligence as did Dr. Ben Carson, a gifted brain surgeon. It would appear they both had a high level of spatial intelligence as well.

Interpersonal Intelligence
Interpersonal intelligence is the ability to understand others, their hopes, fears and motivations, and to work effectively with with them in cooperate endeavors. Great leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi would appear to be example of individuals who possessed a high level of this form of intelligence.

Intra personal Intelligence
Intra-personal intelligence is turned inward to achieve a high level of understanding one's self. It is the capacity to form a clear conception of one's own strengths and weaknesses and operate effectively in life.

While the concept of a spectrum of intelligences is helpful in understanding how people learn and interact with others it has some limitations. For example individuals skilled in communication may also use that skill to mislead and deceive others. Individuals with a high level of mathematical and logical skills also make good criminals as witness the success of such individuals in internet fraud.

It might also be said that Hitler, Stalin and others of similar possessed a high level of interpersonal intelligence.

The Missing Piece
Gardner's theory offers valuable insights in how to teach others, and every homeschooller needs to understand it. HOwever the theory doesn't address, nor does any other theory of learning address, how to help young people develop the emotional,social and thinking skills necessary to making sound, responsible choices that will enable them to be contributing members of society. You can learn more about the missing piece in education by visiting our homeschooler page.

The sole purpose of ChoiceSkills is to supply this missing piece in education. I don't have all the answers, but I have some, and perhaps with your help we can find more. I invite you to enter your name and email address in the box to the right. You will immediately begin receiving FREE seven of the most important lessons any child can ever learn. You will also put yourself in position to join the conversation on how we can provide young people the skills necessary to solve the increasingly complex problems now facing the world we live in.

To learn more about the missing piece in education, I also invite you to browse the rest of our site as well. I think you will find it time well spent.





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The Missing Piece in Education


The Learning Theories of Multiple intelligences and Learning Styles



". . . .as the happiness or real good of man lies in right action and right action cannot be had without right opinion, it behooves us above all things in this world to take care that our opinions of things be according to the nature of things. The foundation of all virtue and happiness is thinking rightly."

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