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The Missing Piece
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Reading Comprehension Activities
The Missing Piece

What's The Big Idea?

For Frederick Douglass, the big idea was his ticket to freedom. He recognized, as an eight year old child, that unless he learned to read and write, he would always be a slave. Yet, there are many, a great many, who are able to read very well and still choose to enter the dark world of slavery voluntarily. True, being enslaved isn't their intent. It's not what they are trying to achieve. Most often they are seeking pleasure, or at least an escape from pain, only to discover the pleasure fleeting and the pain increased as they slide into a living hell of addiction and self-destructive compulsive behaviors.

So, the big idea behind any reading comprehension activities must be something more than just literacy. It must also be something more than just the acquisition of knowledge. But what is it?

Consider This!

Ideas are the most powerful things in the world and the written word is their sacred repository. But in this sacred repository are recorded both good ideas and bad ideas. Ideas that inspire, inform and uplift both mind and soul so intermingled with ideas that debase and corrupt the human spirit it is often difficult to separate them apart.

Therefore the most empowering thing in the world is to be able to distinguish the difference between good ideas and a bad ideas.

No matter how good your homeschool curriculum, you will find this piece missing. It should be no surprise that it is missing in all of education from elementary through post graduate.

Virtually all of education is focused teaching ideas, and while competing ideas are often presented, young people are seldom provided the tools or means sort the good from the bad. Most often they are exposed to the bias of the teacher or the curriculum.

The advantage of homeschool curriculum, however, is that you can enrich it however you want, and if you know what you want to teach your children and how to teach it, you will find ample opportunities to do so.

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Click here to learn more about homeschool curriculum. To learn to how help young people distinguish between good ideas and bad ideas check out these reading comprehension activities. In addition you will want to learn about Hindsight, Insight and Foresight questions.

Also by entering your name and email address in the box to the right, you will immediately begin receiving sample lessons utilizing these characters including Frederick Douglass' story in his own words.

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