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The Missing Piece
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The Missing Piece in Education
Unfortunately, the most important skills your children need to possess are not to be found in any homeschool curriculum. Nor are they to be found anywhere in our educational systems. They never have been, which explains, in part, the many difficulties we are facing in our homes, communities and the world at large. And they never will be unless you choose to teach them to your children yourself.

What are these skills that are so critical to our happiness and well being. Let me answer by asking a couple of questions.

1. If ideas are the most powerful things in the world what is the most     empowering thing in the world?
2. And,what is required for a person to possess it?

Answer: The most empowering thing in the world is to be able to tell the difference between a good idea and a bad idea. Every bad choice is preceded by a bad idea. The missing piece in education then is helping young people develop the emotional, social and thinking skills necessary to distinguish between good ideas and bad ideas.

The Cardinal Character Trait
At the root of every choice is a process that involves both thinking (the cognitive domain) and feeling (the affective domain). The cardinal character trait, simply stated, the ability to think rightly, the ability to put things in their proper perspective.

Most likely, one of the reasons you homeschool is precisely to give your children this important advantage. But most educational resources, whether we are talking about public, private or homeschooling curriculums are unidimensional—that is, a math lesson is only a math lesson and a music lesson is just that. Every lesson you teach has the potential to be so much more.

Reading Comprehension Strategies
Unquestionably, one of the best places to help young people distinguish good ideas from bad deas in by having effective reading comprehension strategies designed for this purpose.

With these strategies in hand, it doesn't matter which reading curriculum you are using. Children's stories, novels for all ages, biographies and autobiographies, current news reports, even advertisements and a wide range of other reading materials offer abundant opportunities to apply reading strategies designed to require young people consider the nature of the ideas being presented.

To learn more about these strategies are go to Reading Comprehension Activities . Additionally, enter your name and email address in the box to the right and you will immediately receive FREE several lessons employing these strategies.

The mission of ChoiceSkills is to empower young people to safely navigate the troubled waters of a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world where more will be required of them than any previous generation.

How we do this is by providing you with the tools and resources necessary to help them develop the emotional, social and thinking skills required for thinking rightly. Click here for more information on the cardinal character trait.



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