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The Missing Piece
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The Missing Piece in Education

Something's Missing
That something is missing in Public Education, everyone agrees. Who could doubt? We currently have approximately 50 million children enrolled in public schools. Over 160,000 of them stay home every day for fear of being bullied. 30% or 15 million will never graduate. Of the 35 million who do graduate less than 35% or 5.2 million will be prepared to go on to college. Of those who go on to college only 2.9 million will earn a degree. In today's world, the vast majority of our young are emerging into adulthood educationally unprepared for the world in which they will be required to live.

Unfortunately, of those who do go on to college, many are self-destructing in their chosen careers and in their personal lives. White collar crime costs organizations in America over $400 Billion per year. The typical perpetrator is a college educated white male, and among the 400,000 registered sex offenders in the US are doctors, lawyers, engineers and even clergymen and educators.

Now this can not be laid at the feet of public education alone, something is missing in the education of children at home as well. And neither can expect much help from the political and social forces shaping our society.

So, exactly what is missing and who's responsible for its absence?

What's Missing?
Simply put, at home and school we are feeding kids all kinds of ideas, but they are also being fed all kinds of ideas from other sources as well, many of which may be more interesting and appealing to them than ours. Tragically, nowhere in our children's education are they being given the tools and skills necessary to enable them to effectively distinguish the difference between good ideas and bad ideas. Think of it this way, if ideas are the most powerful things in the world, the most empowering thing in the world is to be able to distnguish a good idea from a bad dea.

Who is Responsible?
Everyone and no one! The fact is that the missing piece is not only now missing, but has always been missing, in greater and lesser degrees in our home, schools and even in our churches.

For the most part, we're good at expounding what we believe are good ideas. So also are others who think differently than we do, some of whom are far more persuasive than we are. And, if the truth be known, we don't always get it right ourselves.

What Can Be Done?
The mission of ChoiceSkills is to provide parents and teachers with the tools and training to help young people develop 7 Skills essential to recognizing good ideas from bad and choosing accordingly.

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In this video course you will learn how to help young people:

  • Recognize when a choice may be life altering
  • 4 Simple Questions to Ask When Faced With Life Altering Choices
  • The Most Empowering Thing in the World
  • The Most Important Lesson any Child Can Learn

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